1. Experienced: Over a decade of experience managing thousands of card mailer campaigns for Fortune 1000 clients to single locations.
2. Proven Track Record: Nearly 100 million card mailers printed and mailed – see why so many of the nation’s leading brands trust Triadex with its card mailer campaigns.
3. Innovative: Developed industry “Best Practices” to realize 100% accuracy while achieving the industry’s fastest turnaround times.
4. Data Experts: Incorporated the latest in data mining technology to target new customers with each successive mailing to provide information on your evolving customers.
5. Meet YOUR Goals: Whether it is a MAXIMUM ROI campaign designed to give you the greatest impact at the lowest cost, or a highly targeted niche market with a unique offering, we help you meet your goals.
6. Mailing Made EASY: Our one stop shop makes it easy for you as we manage every aspect of your campaign: from creative design and list targeting, to mailing and tracking key performance metrics.
7. Proactive Service: We continually strive to exceed our customers’ expectations by communicating details of your mailing in real-time.
8. Lower Costs: Our innovative group buy program automatically joins your order with others to lower your costs.
9. Designs that Work: Our art department provides you with that unique “one of a kind” mailer and customization that will have you brimming with pride.
10. Changing the Industry: As we continue to develop new technologies and processes, you will be the first to benefit from dynamic enhancements, higher quality, and lower costs.