Question: How do you manage what you don’t measure?

The 2012 Small Business Marketing Survey released by Pitney Bowes found 80 percent of small business marketers did NOT measure direct mail and 73 percent did not measure email!

Answer: Easy, let Triadex do it for you!

With Triadex Tracking, you can easily save money and increase your sales. By simply adding a unique barcode to each individual card mailer, not only are we able to measure your direct mail efforts in real time, we can also provide you with key data and metrics for use in your future direct mail campaigns.

Reports Include:

  • Real time redemptions
  • Demographics: age, gender, household income, marital status
  • Map templates that show location of customers who have redeemed cards
  • Overall redemption rates
  • Individual store redemption rates
  • Redemptions by city and zip code
  • Number of cards redeemed by day

Barcode Scanner
Real Time Reports

How it Works

Embedded in each barcode are data specific to the recipient. After the card is redeemed by the customer, a standard barcode scanner is used to scan the barcode.

Demographic data such as the age, gender, income, and marital status of the individuals who redeemed your card mailer are shown in real time. Using this data, you can decide to mail to those who already redeemed the piece and see your redemption rates explode, or suppress the list and only mail to new customers. This feature alone provides maximum control and can significantly enhance the ROI of all your future mailings!


  • Real time redemption reports allow you to see your new customers in real time
  • Barcodes allow you to easily scan your cards at the point of sale to save time
  • Test multiple campaigns at the same time to see which works best to meet your objectives
  • Google maps allow you to track multiple offers including the person that redeemed the card, the coupon that was redeemed, and the distance from the location
  • Only reach new customers by suppressing the names and addresses of the customers who redeem your piece in order to save money targeting new customers
  • Boost sales during “slow” periods by mailing to your existing customer base

For more information about adding Triadex Tracking to your direct mail campaign, click here or call 877-TRIADEX (874-2339).