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Saturation vs. Targeted Plastic Postcard Mailing Lists

Targeted and Saturation mailing lists both save you money on traditional first class postage.  So what’s the difference between the two and which one should you choose for your next plastic postcard direct mail campaign?

Targeted mailing lists are compiled from a database of 800 million individual records with billions of fields […]

Dentist Announces New Practice with Plastic Postcards…Exceeds Expectations

A dental practice wanted to promote the grand opening of their new practice.

They decided to launch a Triadex Card Mailers campaign. They mailed 6,025 plastic postcards to individuals within three miles of the practice. They offered $100 off any dental services of $300 or more and $99 special for exam, cleaning, and […]

Retail Nonprofit Announces Grand Opening with Card Mailer

A nonprofit wanted to promote their grand opening.

They decided to launch a Triadex Card Mailers campaign using our 2-card template. They mailed 20,000 mailers with 20 mil thickness. The cards offered $15 Instant Cash & $15 Instant Cash with a donation of any home goods item. They targeted the entire neighborhood with a […]

Restaurant Boosts Sales with Text Message Call to Action

A restaurant with several U.S. and international locations wanted to boost sales and drive new customers through the front door.

The restaurant chose Triadex Card Mailers’ two-detachable card template.  They mailed 3,682 cards that each offered two $10 gift cards after a minimum purchase of $30.  Each card contained a unique key […]