Want to get the most out of your direct mail marketing campaign? Adding Track N Trace will ensure you have the staff and resources in place to offer the best service possible allowing you to turn those first-time customers into regular customers!

With Track N Trace, you can monitor your cards through every step of the delivery process. Knowing when your cards will reach your customers will allow you and your staff to prepare for the increase in foot traffic.

Providing a top-notch customer experience the first time around will ensure your new customers will return again. They will see the value in paying full price for your product or service at a later date.

How it Works

Each card mailer is given a unique identification number that is stored in the barcode on the address label. As your card mailers move from one postal facility to the next, those IDs are scanned and saved.

You will be given a Track N Trace login that will allow you to export data for all or just specific card mailers. You can also have that data sent to an email address where it can then be exported into a database for further analysis.

Features & Benefits:

  • Full visibility of your mail in the USPS® mailstream allows you to prepare for an increase in foot traffic
  • Delivery predictability allows you to have the staff and resources in place to turn those first-time customers into regular customers
  • Increase your ROI by training your staff to upsell extra products or services
  • Performance reports allow you to plan future campaigns for optimum results
  • Data exports allow you to easily share and download data to a database for further analysis
  • Postal accountability allows you to keep tabs on postal performance

For more information about adding Track N Trace to your direct mail campaign, click here or call 877-TRIADEX (874-2339).