Looking for an innovative way to help your direct mail piece stand out even more?  A Scratch Off might be a perfect fit.  Triadex Card Mailers can add a scratch off to any type of marketing piece.  By combining our innovative card mailing solution with a unique scratch off offer, you can stand out from your competitors and increase your ROI.

2 Card Scratch Off Plastic Postcard

Our scratch offs are completely customizable. Whether you want to offer a percentage off, a dollar amount off, a buy one get one free offer, or a special code that will drive traffic to your website, we can do it all. Even better, we can print different offers on each card. For example, we can print 70% of the cards with a 10% discount, 20% with 20% off, and 10% with 30% off. You decide what percentage of the cards receive which offer.

Looking to increase foot traffic to your business? Require a manager present when the card is scratched. There are so many different applications and options.

Triadex Card Mailers actively manages thousands of client mail programs and tens of millions of plastic card mailers across multiple industry segments each and every year. Our extensive industry knowledge allows us to help you choose the right offer for your business.

Features & Benefits:

  • Unique approach that will help your direct mail piece stand out
  • Customizable allowing you to choose the marketing vehicle, placement, and offer
  • Ability to variable print the offers at random based on the quantity you want per offer
  • Include an automatic call to action by adding a special code that customers must enter on your website
  • Enhance your SEO and social media optimization by increasing traffic to your website
  • Increase traffic to your store by requiring a manager present when the card is scratched

Scratch Off Plastic Postcards

1 Card Scratch Off Plastic Postcard

Scratch Off Business Cards

Scratch Off Business Card