Give your customers instant information by adding a QR Code to each card mailer. QR Codes allow you to point your potential customers in the offline space to your online resources in the most efficient way possible. Never again will a customer forget about your product or service simply because there wasn’t a computer available to provide them with more information at that very moment.

How it Works

QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) are a kind of two dimensional matrix barcode that is typically displayed on a white background in a square box. When a QR code is scanned with a mobile phone, a URL is automatically opened using its browser. QR Codes are proving to be successful across all industries and business sizes.

QR Codes can allow your customers to do any of the following:

  • Find coupons
  • Visit websites
  • Dial telephone numbers
  • Find contact information
  • See text and images
  • Send emails and messages

Features & Benefits:

  • Increase sales and brand recognition by bridging the gap between your online and offline marketing media
  • Enhance your SEO and social media optimization by increasing traffic to your website
  • Create a community of customers by including a link to your social network pages
  • Include an automatic call to action by linking your QR code to a contact us page or promotion code
  • Measure the success of your direct mail efforts based on clicks and leads

QR Codes