Studies show that targeting prospects through a multi-channel approach improves ROI by up to 35%. Direct Mail + E-Mail have been especially successful together. It’s quick, easy, fully automated, and comes with a PDF Tracking Report! Try it and find out how adding an e-mail campaign increases your overall marketing ROI.

“Marketing campaigns that use a multichannel approach
are more effective at reaching audiences and increasing sales.”

– ExactTarget

How it Works

Simply purchase a mailing list and we will match it to a national e-mail database.  Send out your e-mail marketing message yourself or have us manage the campaign.

Our turnkey E-Mail Marketing program includes turning your campaign artwork into an e-mail billboard. You can choose the broadcast date so that it can hit people’s inboxes the same day or week as the gift cards hit their mailboxes.

We only send out to e-mail addresses that are “opt-in” and we use “white listed” servers, following all CAN-SPAM policies. It’s the safest way to send your marketing message by e-mail.

Profile Your Prospects

Just like direct mail, we can target e-mails by:

  • Geography (e.g. radius, zipcode, city)
  • Demographics (e.g. income, age, gender)
  • Presence of children
  • Homeowner status
  • Ethnicity
  • Prizms
  • Audience Propensities
  • Business lists
  • New Movers
  • Look Alike
  • Car ownership and more

Features & Benefits:

  • Increase your response rate by adding another component to your direct mail campaign
  • Increase sales and brand recognition by bridging the gap between your online and offline marketing media
  • Enhance your SEO and social media optimization by increasing traffic to your website
  • Separate yourself from your competitors by integrating your online and offline marketing campaigns

For more information about adding an e-mail marketing campaign to your direct mail list, click here or call 877-TRIADEX (874-2339).