This is the area where Triadex Card Mailers excels.

We offer you many options when it comes to tracking your coupon card mailer results. We’ll help you choose the right method for your business based specifically on your internal process and budget. For example, after each mailing, we’ll update your customer list with the new names and addresses of the guests who redeemed the cards. We can then provide a detailed performance analysis to show you which age and income ranges are performing the best, which provides valuable insight into the next round of future mailings. We provide all of this customer data and much more.

Looking to increase your ROI?

You are speaking our language. As a technology company, we believe in marrying offline with online marketing activities and tracking the results to give you the information to make informed decisions. For instance, we can add e-Mail Marketing to your direct mail marketing campaign. Just like direct mail, we can target e-mails by geography and demographics. And, we track the results for you to do effective A-B testing on all campaigns.

Adding a QR Code to your laminated postcard is another great way to stand out from your competitors. QR Codes are proving to be successful across many vertical industries and market segments…especially among millennials. Have your customers scan a QR Code with a mobile phone to unlock a specific message or coupon. You will enhance your SEO and social media optimization by increasing traffic to your website. We’ll help measure your success based on clicks and leads. It’s just that simple.

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