Environmentally Responsible Production by Triadex 

Triadex Environment Friendly ProductsAt Triadex Card Mailers we provide our clients with the option to produce your high quality plastic card mailers using Teslin substrate, an environmentally responsible choice.  The environmentally sensitive Teslin substrate is a durable and recyclable plastic with a number of very important eco-friendly characteristics:

Ecofriendly Plastic Cards using the Teslin substrate are…

  • Strong and long lasting:  Teslin substrate’s strength and durability help to conserve our earth’s resources with minimal environmental impact.
  • Forest-friendly:  It won’t contribute to forest harvesting since it doesn’t contain any wood or cellulose-based materials.
  • Does not deplete the ozone layer:  Teslin substrate does not include any ozone-depleting substances.
  • Recyclable:  Park benches, industrial signs, and plastic lumber are some of the items that recycled Teslin substrate is being used to make.  In general, it can be recycled into general use bulk plastics and is classified as a 7 (other resins or multi-resin polymers) using the voluntary container-coding system.
  • Safe for Disposal:  If disposed of instead of recycled, Teslin substrate will not leach into ground water from a landfill.  It is also safe for incineration in conditions of excess oxygen, since it will only release water, CO2, energy, and clean ash (from silica filler which is derived from sand) when burned.
  • Non-toxic:  Teslin substrate is non-toxic.
  • Manufactured with care:  Teslin substrate is produced by PPG Industries, Inc. under strong corporate guidelines for minimizing waste and environmental compliance.
  • No Heavy Metals:  PPG Industries, Inc. certifies that there are no heavy metals including lead, mercury, cadmium, or hexavalent chromium intentionally added to Teslin substrate, and also certifies that there are no measurable amounts of arsenic or antimony.  It is fully compliant with the 1994 standards of CONEG, Coalition of Northeastern Governors’ Model Toxic Legislation, and the current Consumer Safety Specification on Toy Safety, ASTM F963-86 standard.

At Triadex Card Mailers, we take pride in making environmentally-sound choices without any compromise in our product’s durability, image, and effectiveness.   Please contact us today to find out what else sets us apart.