In the book “S.U.R.E.-fire Direct Response Marketing: Generating Business-to-business Sales Leads for Bottom-line Success,” Russell Kern explains the importance of “customer lifetime value.” According to the author, “By definition, the purpose of direct marketing is to create customers and foster relationships that generate repeat sales. Repeat selling – maximizing customer lifetime value – is how companies maximize their return on marketing investments. A customer’s lifetime value is an important calculation to consider when establishing customer acquisition budgets.”

Direct mail marketing programs are a great way to stay in touch with past customers. With a direct mail piece or an advertisement included on statement printing or invoice printing that you already regularly mail out, you can market your product or service while making the customer feel special by including special offers and discounts.

If you want to create customer loyalty, you need to constantly remind people that your company is open and ready for business, and that you can offer them something that your competitors cannot. A card mailer or statement printing including a gift certificate or percentage off is a great way to distance you from the competition.