If you’re like me, when you receive a card mailer in the mail you instantly put it in your wallet. Why do we do this? Because it looks and feels just like a credit card. This is just one of the reasons why card mailers are a great replacement for postcards. When you get a flimsy, oversized postcard, you usually don’t put it in your wallet. Most likely, it ends up in the trash before you even give it a second glance.

With the use of card mailers you can offer past and potential customers discounts or free money towards a purchase of a specific amount. When marketing to past customers, you might already be pretty sure the recipient is going to make another purchase in the future. By sending them a card mailer, you not only remind them that they need to make the purchase, you make sure they make it at your business.

Although card mailers tend to cost more than postcards upfront, they have been proven to be very successful for many businesses. So, if you are contemplating a new marketing strategy, card mailers should be on your list. They can help you advertise your business and show your appreciation for past customers.