Targeted and Saturation mailing lists both save you money on traditional first class postage.  So what’s the difference between the two and which one should you choose for your next plastic postcard direct mail campaign?

Targeted mailing lists are compiled from a database of 800 million individual records with billions of fields of data.  The database merges hundreds of sources of data.  The information is then sent through NCOA, DSF, the deceased file and the DMA Do Not Mail file.

As the name implies, with a Targeted mailing you get to choose exactly who you want to target so your campaign only goes to your chosen demographics.  Businesses that offer a product or service that is only beneficial for a certain demographic are a great fit for Targeted lists.  A good example of this is a pet supplies store.  Many of the most common targeting filters can be found here.


With Saturation lists, instead of targeting a specific person you hit every single household in a certain carrier route.  You can’t target specific homes for demographics, you can only select the median age and income you want to target (this information comes from the census).   A portion of the Saturation lists are normally addressed to “Valued Guests”, “Our Friends” or “Current Resident” because names are only available 70% of the time on average.

The postage for Saturation lists is significantly less than Targeted lists because the plastic card mailers go to every single house in a carrier route.  This is efficient for the USPS because the mail is already set up in the sequence that the mail carrier delivers the mail, which saves them work and time.  If you are advertising a service or product that every household or business in a certain neighborhood could benefit from, Saturation is definitely the way to go.  Want to add extra “oomph” to your Saturation direct mail redemption rates?  Click here or call 877-874-2339 to learn about Triadex Card Mailers’ Neighborhood Mailing Plus™.

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