Direct mail marketing programs that use card mailers to offer customers special discounts are extremely successful for many businesses. With a card mailer you can offer percentages off, a specific amount of money towards a purchase, and many other intriguing proposals to get customers in the door.

Recently, I noticed a direct mail piece that was different from most of the ones I receive and have heard about. One specific clothing store sent me a mailing with two card mailers attached. Both were a $15 coupon off any purchase, but one was for me and the other one was for me to give to a friend. Although some people will inevitably end up using both card mailers on themselves, there are people who will pass the card onto someone else. Either way, the company gains two purchases.

With this unique direct mail marketing program, instead of blindly mailing to everyone living in a specific area, you can send offers to just your past customers. By mailing this type of card mailer to someone who has made a purchase from you in the past, you can potentially find new, future customers, without the trouble or costs of finding them on your own.