When it comes to direct mail, it’s easy to make things more complicated than they have to be. Instead of spending both time and money agonizing over every last detail of your direct mail marketing campaign, you should focus on the fundamentals.

In the blog entitled, “Direct Mail Basics,” the author breaks down the basics of direct mail. These include Direct, Insight, Respect, Educate, Creative, and Think Ahead.

D – Direct. Get to the point, and don’t waste the reader’s time. Tell the most important message first.

I – Insight. Do your homework, and know your audience.

R – Respect. Be respectful in tone and content.

E – Educate. Be informative. Share knowledge and communicate value.

C – Creative. Use graphics, photos, and colors to highlight your message in printed material. Online, stick with simple text that transmits easily, and avoid bandwidth-hogging images or exotic typefaces.

T – Think ahead. Anticipate the reader’s questions and answer them in your message.

By following the basics described by the author above, you can devote the little time that you do have to what is important, instead of wasting time on the minute details.