Research has shown that a card mailer can be an extremely effective direct mail piece. But while some card mailer campaigns result in high redemption rates, others have disappointing results. To ensure your direct mail marketing campaign is a success, you need to make sure you’re mailing an offer that will entice the recipient to act.

Not all card mailers are created equal. Some offer people a percentage off a product or service while others offer a free item when a purchase is made. An example of this would be a free drink with any meal purchase. But if you really want to get your customers to put your card mailer in their wallet and actually use it, you should offer them something else.

Card mailers that offer customers plain old money have been found to be more effective than other types of offers. Stop and think about it, what’s better than cold hard cash? The next time your restaurant is looking for a new marketing idea, try mailing out card mailers that offer $5 off when a purchase of $25 or more is made? You’ll be surprised by the results.