Whether you’re sending out direct mail in the form of a card mailer, postcard, or even just in your statement printing and invoice printing, there are some benefits that you can enjoy. Instead of blindly sending out direct mail pieces without any way to track their progress, with a direct mail marketing campaign, you’ll know exactly how well each piece is working.

In the book, “Making Direct Mail Work: Get Great Results from All Your Direct Mail,” Peter Arnold says that one of the benefits of direct mail is the ability to control your budget. Because of this ability, you can be sure that you’re running a lucrative direct mail marketing campaign. According to Arnold, this advantage has other benefits. With direct mail you can:

  • Easily calculate how much each individual mailer is costing you
  • Just as easily discover how much each response has cost you
  • Then, by keeping accurate records of the source of each completed sale, work out how much each eventual piece of business has cost

The ability to know how well your direct mail marketing campaign is performing, allows you to test different mail pieces to different customers at different times. This way, you can find out what type of direct mail marketing program works best for your particular company and product or service.