Are you interested in becoming a reseller of a proven direct mail piece? Triadex Card Mailers’ comprehensive Triadex Professional Reseller Program™ is a great way to offer your clients a new, effective service.

With Triadex Card Mailers, you can choose from two different options: white label or affiliate.

  1. White Label: With our white label reseller program, your clients work directly with you and your brand. Triadex Card Mailers is completely behind the scenes.
  2. Affiliate: With our affiliate reseller program, after quoting your client, we take care of the rest. Triadex Card Mailers works directly with your client to setup and manage their direct mail program.

Organizations reselling the Triadex Program include:

  • Ad Agencies
  • PR firms
  • Consultants
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Printers
  • List Providers
  • Creative Agencies
  • Independent Sales Representatives

For more information about our comprehensive Triadex Professional Reseller Program™, click here. Or, contact a Reseller Sales Representative by at 1-877-874-2339.