There are many different factors that determine whether or not a direct mail marketing program is going to be successful. With all of the different types of fonts, envelope sizes, colors, headings, and offers, it’s difficult to pick which one you want for your direct mail piece. Luckily, with direct mail you can test several different direct mail pieces before deciding on one.

In a blog entitled, “How to Plan and Execute Test Mailings” on the Avery Print and Mail Center website, the author explains how to implement a test mailing. According to the author, the ability to test various types of direct mail marketing programs is one reason why direct mail is so effective. The author says, “To conduct a test, you divide your mailing into two or more segments of equal size and mail one package to one segment and another to the other. Let’s say that you wanted to test price. Your mailing pieces would be exactly the same with the only difference being the price.” According to the blog, you can measure the response of the mailing by coding your mailing piece.

By testing different types of direct mail pieces, you can find which type works best for your particular industry and product or service. Just because a direct mail piece works for one company doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you. Test your piece before investing your precious marketing dollars.