In order for a direct mail marketing program to be successful, it needs to be cost-effective. Although the type of direct mail piece, whether it’s a postcard, card mailer, or statement printing and invoice printing, is an important factor, if your sales don’t exceed your marketing investment, you’re throwing away money.

In Part 2 of the book “S.U.R.E.-fire Direct Response Marketing: Generating Business-to-business Sales Leads for Bottom-line Success,” Russell Kern discusses the importance of measuring the cost-effectiveness of your direct mail marketing campaign. Kern lists several questions you should ask yourself:

  • Is the investment justified, given the revenue projections?
  • Does the program generate sales inquiries at an acceptable cost per inquiry?
  • What is cost per qualified lead and cost per sale?
  • Are these acceptable?

Not all direct mail marketing campaigns are created equal. By asking yourself these questions, you can make sure that you find the direct mail marketing program that’s right for you and your company.