When was the last time you looked up a company’s address or phone number in a phone book? If you’re like me, and many others, you probably use the Internet to find this kind of up-to-date information quickly. Who needs to keep a massive book around that you rarely use?

Since the web has become the place people go to search for information about products and businesses, it is extremely important for a company to have a well advertised website. Instead of just listing your company name and number on a search engine page, you need to create a website where users can get a better idea about who you are and what you can offer them.

In a blog entitled, “How to Promote Your Website(s) using additional Methods beside the traditional?” Nawaz Lakho lists the many different ways you can advertise your website, including the use of direct mail. By teaming up with a fulfillment and direct mail services company, you can offer recipients discounts and special offers, as well as advertise your website. Though many businesses fail to take advantage of direct mail marketing programs, they can be very successful.