As direct mail has evolved, it’s become clear that the type of list you use to mail your direct mail piece has a big affect on your chances for success. The more targeted the list is, the better chance you will have of convincing the recipient to act on your offer.

In the blog entitled, “Many Hot Tips for Boosting Direct Marketing” on, the author explains how to find a mailing list for your specific product or service. According to the author, you should “Contact a few mailing list brokers. Have them recommend ten different mailing lists and then compare what each of them have said and the one that shows up on more than one brokers recommended list is the one to go for.”

Even though your card mailer or postcard, or advertisement on your statement printing or invoice printing is eye catching, if the recipient doesn’t have a need or want for your product or service, you aren’t going to make a sale. A targeted list is a great way to qualify recipients before wasting marketing dollars.