If you’re looking for a way to stay in touch with past customers and encourage them to make new purchases, you might want to try a direct mail marketing program where membership cards are sent to your best customers. After deciding the criteria for the group, you can send monthly mailings with discounts and special offers that will make your customers feel appreciated and give them incentive to return to your business.

In “Direct Marketing Success Stories…and the Strategies that Built the Businesses,” Bob Stone explains how mailing membership cards helped his casino increase productivity and ROI. The author asked himself, “Why were we only mailing to our now total list of 15,000 customers several times a year? Why not select our best customers and mail them more often? We would enroll them in a very special club: The Gordon’s Gold Card.” According to the author, after mailing out the membership cards, “These customers received a notice of something “special” once every three months, then every two months, then every month. The return (average 25 to 30 percent) remained constant.”

Using membership cards in your next direct mail marketing program is a great way to distance yourself from your competitors. Direct mail, statement printing, and invoice printing are all great ways to keep in touch with your best customers. By partnering with a direct mail service and online statement printing company, you can accomplish this while saving time and money.