If you are struggling to find contributors for your fundraiser, you might want to try a direct mail marketing program. A direct mail piece is a great way to make contact with many different possible contributors. If your fundraiser is currently partnered with an online statement printing service, and you are already sending out flyers or other types of statements to thank those who have contributed in the past, you might want to take the opportunity to ask for future donations.

In a blog entitled, “If You Build It…” on the Too Busy to Fundraise blogspot, Janet Levine, a fundraising consultant, explains how a direct mail marketing campaign helped her develop a call list for donations. Levine says that they “sent out large-sized post cards, with the aim of driving them to the website to register. They could, of course, make a gift, but I really didn’t care about that. Registration gave me up-to-date phone numbers, people who had self-identified as being interested in us, and a reason to call.”

Direct mail marketing programs and online statement printing services are a great way to reach numerous people without wasting a lot of time or money. By partnering with a company that offers both services, you can stay in touch with past contributors as well as obtain new ones.