No matter how great your product is or how much people are in need of it, if you don’t have a creative marketing strategy to reach the public, you can’t expect to be very successful. By partnering with a direct mail marketing program or online statement printing service, you can increase sales while saving time and money.

In a blog entitled, “Low-cost Marketing Tips for Small Businesses,” Kyle Oschman lists direct mail as one cost effective way to market your product or service. According to Oschman, you can save money by using an unconventional direct mail marketing plan like “marriage mail.” This is where you “send your ad or coupon in a joint mailing with other advertisers.”

Direct mail marketing programs can work for any company, no matter the size. But if you are planning on mailing a large number of pieces or statements, you’ll probably want to work with a company that offers both statement printing and direct mail marketing.