Many people have an opinion about the future of direct mail and its success rates, but many of these people don’t have much knowledge of direct mail or they haven’t had much experience with it. In order to find out more about direct mail and how it can help your company, you need to talk to an expert. On the Direct Creative Blog, Ivan Levison, a professional copywriter who has been writing copy for direct mail for years, is interviewed about direct mail. In this interview, Levison shares some of his experiences with direct mail and gives some advice on how to create a successful direct mail marketing program.

In the blog, entitled “Copywriter Ivan Levison Talks about Direct Mail,” Levison says that whenever he creates a direct mail piece, he tries “to identify the prospect’s pain and make sure that my piece promises a cure.” As the article continues, Levison discusses what he sees the future of direct mail to be, what common mistakes direct mailers make, and what effect the Internet will have on direct mail. When asked what the most important part of a direct mail piece is, Levison explained that the letter ultimately convinces a customer to take advantage of your offer.

According to Levison direct mail is here to stay. By following the advice of someone who has spent years working with direct mail, you can avoid some of the simple mistakes other companies have made and create a direct mail marketing program that will help increase your productivity and ROI.