If your organization is looking to increase donations and find potential contributors, you might want to try a direct mail marketing campaign. By sending a direct mail piece to a qualified mailing list of past and potential contributors, you will have a much better chance of reaching your goals.

In the book, “Building Your Direct Mail Program,” Gwyneth Lister explains that there are two different types of mailings that can be used by charities to obtain donations: House listing mailings and acquisition mailings. In the first you are mailing to those who have contributed in the past, and in the second you are mailing to possible donors. Regardless of the type of mailing you choose, Lister says that there are some questions you must consider:

  • Why are we doing this mailing, and who are we trying to reach? What are the needs of our audience? What benefits will they derive from responding to this solicitation?
  • How much will this mailing cost, and what can we expect in return?
  • What will be the theme of this mailing? Do we have a story to tell that will engage the donor, or a problem that the donor might be interested in helping us solve?
  • When should the package arrive in the hands of the would-be donor?
  • Have we enclosed in the package a handy response form? Is it a clean package – one not cluttered with extraneous materials?
  • Is the message clear and to the point?

Direct mail pieces in the form of a card mailer or postcard are great ways to convince new contributors to get involved with your organization. On the other hand, for the people who have contributed in the past, adding an advertisement to a monthly newsletter or any other type of statement printing you regularly mail out is a great way to encourage people to contribute again. You can accomplish both by partnering with a direct mail marketing service or an online statement printing service.