What is it?

A low-cost way to add extra “oomph” to your direct mail redemption rates. It is both simple and effective.

How does it work?

1. YOU select the PLUS PROGRAM of interest from among the following:

  • Neighborhood +AGE™
  • Neighborhood +INCOME™
  • Neighborhood +AGE™ & Neighborhood +INCOME™

2. Triadex replaces at least 10% of your neighborhood mailing list with the selection YOU made at a nominal cost.

3. We analyze your customer list and provide you with the age, income, gender, marital status, and presence of children where available.


  • Improve the ROI of your direct mail campaigns
  • Excellent way to conduct A-B testing on key variables
  • Identify the key characteristics of the customers around you

For more information on how our Neighborhood Mailings PLUS™ can help you,
speak to your Triadex Sales Representative at 877-Triadex (874-2339).