One of the most important factors to consider before launching a direct mail campaign is your mailing list. With Triadex Card Mailers you can target potential customers who are closest to your location. In addition, you can target county, city, zip code, and any of the demographics listed below. These options are included in the price of our turnkey program.

Types of Standard Mailing Lists:

With Triadex Card Mailers, you have your choice from the following mailing lists:

  • Age Range (ex: 21-59)
  • Income Range (ex: $40,000-$250,000)
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Homeowner or apartment renter
  • Households with or without children
  • Age range for children (ex: 2-8)
  • Households with seniors
  • Address type
  • Home value
  • Year home built
  • Length of residence