Question: Who gets your offer?
The answer: It is not a simple question.


Some clients want proximity to their store location at the lowest cost possible. Sure, we can do that and have done that better than anyone else. Others want a specific age and income demographic closest to the store. No problem, we have the technology to turn this around sooner than you would think. Still, others want something so unique you would believe it is impossible to get that information. Yet, we have found a way.

At Triadex, we have access to hundreds of millions of consumers, yes millions, segmented in ways you haven’t even considered. As part of our comprehensive service, we provide insight in-house into what target customers make the most sense for your offering. And, we track the results.

Targeted Mailing List

We offer you a variety of choices between our standard, low-cost mailings list, specialty lists, or mailing to your own list. We can also create a mailing list using an industry-leading lifestyle segmentation system that classifies your customers into consumer segments based on the household’s purchasing preferences. We’ll use this demographic, consumer behavior, and geographic data to identify new and qualified prospects…just for your business.

Already have a list of great customers? Great! We will analyze your customer list and provide you with a NEW list of potential customers that share characteristics with your most successful customer lists. And, we will even show you how close they are to your store location.

With over a decade of experience and nearly 100 million plastic postcards mailed, we’ll tell you where and who to target to maximize performance and ensure your mailing is a huge success. Contact us today at 877-TRIADEX (874-2339) to find out who you should target.