The Triadex Card Mailer is the perfect marketing vehicle for your HVAC business.  While a homeowner who receives your paper postcard will tend to toss it in the trash, your Triadex plastic postcard with a pop-out offer will more likely be SAVED and placed directly in the wallet or purse for future use!

According to Research by Mail Print, 85% of consumers sort and read their mail on a daily basis, and 40% try new businesses after receiving direct mail.  Unlike paper direct mail pieces that can be damaged in the mailstream, our premium piece gives your company a professional image and a high-impact first impression.

For HVAC services, even just a few redemptions can pay for your entire mailing.  After that, everything is pure profit!

Why offer a coupon when you can mail your customers a Free Triadex Gift Card!

HVAC Plastic Postcard
HVAC Plastic Postcard

Mailing Lists

We offer both Standard and Specialty mailing lists.

  • Already have a mailing list?  We’ve seen remarkable results from offering a $25 Off Next Service Repair to a past customers list. Call us for details on what fine print restrictions we recommend adding.
  • Want to reach out to new customers?  Use our list rental options and target residents who are confirmed single-family home owners (excluding all apartments) and target the zip codes you have the highest penetration of past customers.

We can even add filters such as: Homes built over 10 years ago, owner occupied, household income, etc.

Bonus option: If you’d like, we can also upload your internal past customer list to remove those addresses and ensure those residents don’t receive your special offer.


“The Triadex mailer is our best form of advertising throughout the year.  We’ve been mailing the piece for years and moved our entire summer advertising budget to the plastic card mailer as it produces the higher ROI of any marketing choices we have.”

HVAC Owner – Midwest Territory


• Turnkey Program
• Increase Sales within 30 Days
• Tremendous Brand Builder
• Deliver a Customized Message
• Find new Customer Segments
• Personalized
• Longer Lasting than Paper Postcards
• High Quality Graphics
• Able to Document Success
• Save Time

Triadex Card Mailers actively manages thousands of client mail programs and tens of millions of plastic card mailers across multiple industry segments each and every year, including the HVAC industry. We have the data, technology, and the tools you need to be successful. Call 877-TRIADEX (874-2339) and we will create a customized, effective print strategy for your HVAC business.