Are you looking for a sales boost this quarter? Triadex Card Mailers will ensure you are getting the best ROI from your direct mail efforts.

Triadex Card Mailers are top-quality pieces that will capture your customers’ attention and create a very enticing first impression of your business! Not only will our plastic postcards bring in new customers, but it will also attract households that pay full price.

Our direct mail piece actually supports your online efforts. Educate your audience about the benefits you can provide by adding a QR Code and social network icons to your piece.

Entertainment Plastic Postcards

You can look forward to a sales increase throughout the following months after your campaign as these new customers become regulars! Contact us today to get started!

Redemption Rates

Redemption rates have reached over 20%!


Triadex Card Mailers offer a professional way of providing an incentive to your customers. Other benefits include:

  • Increased Sales In Less Than 30 Days
    “We achieved response rates that were eight times the rates of previous direct mail efforts. Your turnkey approach enables us to have our piece printed, assembled, and mailed within three weeks of creative.”
  • Tremendous Brand Builder
    “The card mailer is an extremely successful brand builder. Individuals are less likely to throw away the card versus postcards and will redeem the card within the time frame given.”
  • More Manageable Than Rebate Programs
    ”Rebate programs are very expensive to manage and financially risky. The Triadex Card Program is easily managed as costs are determined up-front and limited by a time we establish. Redemption rates and return on investment can be easily calculated with card mailers.”
  • Found New Customer Segments
    “We can profile the customers that have used the card to look for demographic and other data to see emerging trends. We found pockets of highly profitable groups we may have otherwise missed in other direct mail programs.”


Card Mailer Benefits