Are you looking for a new way to drive customers to your website and increase sales? What about a direct mail piece that motivates customers to visit your website to purchase? Let Triadex Card Mailers handle not only the artwork and mailing list, but also manage every aspect of your direct mail campaign.

Case Studies


Triadex Card Mailer Testimonial “We will be using Triadex again.”

– Merchandise Manager, National Sportswear Merchandiser

Redemption Rates

Triadex Card Mailers have performed 10x’s better than regular paper postcards!


• Turnkey Program
• Increase Sales within 30 Days
• Tremendous Brand Builder
• Deliver a Customized Message
• Find new Customer Segments
• Personalized
• Longer Lasting than Paper Postcards
• High Quality Graphics
• Able to Document Success
• Save Time