Are you looking for a way to attract new patients and grow your practice? Triadex Card Mailers has worked with hundreds of dental practices. Many of our dentists have reported record breaking response rates resulting in a surge in inbound calls and new appointments. We will ensure our plastic card mailers only go to new customers, allowing you to build your practice.

All dentists mail the same paper postcard.  Here’s your chance to stand out!  Our 10 years of experience allow us to create a customized direct mail marketing campaign that works for you. It’s easy!  Let us prove to you how easy it is!  We will save you both time and money by providing a turnkey program.


Triadex Card Mailer Testimonial “Our card mailers have been a hit, bringing as high as a 9 to 1 return on investment. I like them because it gives a much higher value to the patient above a postcard style mailer; the value of $150 seems to set us apart also.”

– Dr. Nix, Teddy Bear Dental Care (7 time mailer)

“We had a tremendous Open House! We could not have asked for better results! I’ve been familiar with advertising a long time. I know the usual return expected, and this far exceeded my expectations.”

– Family Dentist from Arden, NC

Case Studies


•Stand out in your local community
• Turnkey Program
• Increase Sales within 30 Days
• Tremendous Brand Builder
• Deliver a Customized Message
• Find new Customer Segments
• Attract new inbound leads via phone calls and appointments
• Personalized
• Longer Lasting than Paper Postcards
• High Quality Graphics
• Able to Document Success
• Save Time


Mailing Lists

Target local residents by:

  • Children Present or Not – Or Both
  • Age Range (ex: 24-69)
  • Income Range (ex: $50,000 and Up)
  • Resident Mailings (ex: target all people within a 5 mile radius)
  • New Movers (ex: target new families that move in your area each month)


Dentist Card Mailer Samples

Card Mailers For Dentists