Plastic postcards are known to pull up to 4x’s the redemption rates of postcards. Don’t believe us? Check out the below case study.

A restaurant franchise with 30 locations wanted to increase sales at one of their struggling stores. They were looking for an advertising program that would significantly boost sales and increase store traffic in a very short period of time.

Using our unique approach, we tailored a high impact marketing program delivered on our two-card layout. We mailed just 3,516 pieces to prove our concept. The piece included two $5 offers with a pre-tested minimum purchase from the recipient.


  • Of the 3,516 pieces mailed, the restaurant received 2,500 back – that’s an amazing 71% REDEMPTION RATE!
  • The corporate office is now quickly sharing the results with the franchisees and highly recommending Triadex to coordinate upcoming mailers for all stores.

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