A national restaurant chain with 65 locations wanted to drive lunch sales and catering orders.

Using our 2-detachable card template, they mailed 5,000 plastic postcards for each of their 65 locations.  They targeted ages 24-59 with a household income of $50k+. The first card offered a $10 gift card valid in the first month.  The second card offered a $10 gift card valid in the 2nd month.  Both required a $20 minimum purchase.


  • The mailings achieved 10% – 16% redemption rates!
  • The restaurant chain has run the same quarterly mailings with Triadex for years (over 10 times).  When they skipped one quarter, guests noticed and asked the GM’s why they didn’t get their Triadex Gift Card in the mail.  
  • They plan to continue the quarterly mailings through 2016.

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