In a blog entitled, “Direct Mail Postcards – Top 10 Ways to Increase Response,” Brandon Cornett tells us how to create a successful direct mail marketing postcard. One of the tips that Cornett mentions is to limit your postcard’s scope. According to Cornett, “By limiting each direct mail postcard to one product (or service, or idea, or topic), you can develop it in a way that is more likely to generate a response. You could explain the primary benefits, offer a testimonial or two, include some product photos, and make a strong offer. But you can’t do all that while covering several topics, not on a direct mail postcard anyway. Save the multi-topic sales pitch for your brochures and website.”

Regardless of the type of direct mail marketing piece you use, if you bombard the customer with too many ideas, products, and special offers, you might actually scare them off. By focusing on just one product at a time you’ll have a much better chance of convincing the customer to act on your offer, because you’ll have a lot more space to explain to them why it is something they can’t live without.