There are many different factors that determine whether or not your direct mail marketing campaign will be successful. The copy, colors, images, and offers all help determine how many people will see your mail piece and therefore the number of people who will act on your offer.

In a blog entitled, “The Best Kept Secret in Direct Mail,” Patrick Schwerdtfeger says that the most challenging part of running a direct mail marketing program is getting noticed. He says that the type of envelope you use will greatly affect the number of people who view your direct mail piece. According to Schwerdtfeger “there is one size of envelope that gets opened far more than any other, and it’s the greeting card envelope. Greeting cards are a different shape from the traditional #10 letter envelope and everybody loves getting cards in the mail. So, sending a greeting card that includes your marketing message is one of the best ways of getting your mailer opened.”

Just by changing the size and shape of the envelope you use to mail your direct mail piece, you can greatly enhance the chances of your offer being seen. This is just one more way you can increase the chances for a successful direct mail marketing program.