Direct mail can be a great way to market your product or service. Partnering with an online printing service to print and mail your statements or invoices is another smart way to save your company time and money. But if you are mailing out a direct mail piece or regularly mailing statements to past customers in the hopes that they will reply in some way, there’s one thing you can do to increase the chances that this will happen.

On the Avery Print and Mail Center, the Direct Mail Tip of the Week has a suggestion for this type of direct mail marketing program. According to the website, “When enclosing a reply card or envelope in a direct mail package, always prepay the return postage by using a permit. It will more than pay for itself in terms of results. Whenever you ask someone to do something, such as finding and affixing their own stamp, a percentage of them won’t do it and your response will suffer.”

Although this results in an additional cost, if the response leads to a sale, it’s definitely worth it. This is just one more way to increase your chances of a successful direct mail marketing program.