If you take a group of businesses and evaluate their direct mail marketing programs, the results will vary greatly. The type of mail piece, design, and frequency of mailings will also vary. Even though there isn’t one type of direct mail marketing campaign that will work for everyone, there are some steps you can follow to ensure that your businesses mail piece results in profits.

In Step 3 of the book, “The 7-step Success System to Building a $1,000,000 Network Marketing Dynasty: How to Achieve Financial Independence through Network Marketing,” Joe Rubino lists tips that will enable you to create a successful direct mail marketing campaign. Below are just a few of these tips:

  • Purchase a fresh, updated list that targets the demographics of your ideal prospects
  • Do a small test-mailing of between 500 and 1,000 pieces to determine your ultimate cost to generate each lead
  • Offer a discount coupon, special incentive, or free item if the prospect or customer responds by a certain deadline
  • Place a hard hitting benefit or direct challenge on the outside of the envelope or mailing piece to create a value and arouse curiosity that will result in your customer reading the offer and then acting on it