If your business is based at home, you might be having trouble getting your company name and product out to the public. Networking is difficult enough, but when you are cut off from social networking and other businesses, it can be even harder.

In a blog on VitualHosting.com, entitled “50+ Ways for Web Workers to Bring in More Business,” Christina Laun discusses the many different ways people who work at home can increase their business. Among the many listed, direct mail is suggested as a way to increase productivity. According to Laun, “Many businesses are overwhelmed with junk email nowadays, so sending ads or mailers through the actual mail might be a more effective way to garner some attention for your business.”

Although some people feel as though email will eventually replace direct mail, many others believe direct mail marketing programs will always have a place in the marketing world. If you are looking for a simple way to increase your home-based business’ productivity, direct mail might be the answer.