With all of the different forms of media and types of marketing campaigns out there, you have a lot of choices when creating a marketing program for your specific product or service. Through experience, many businesses have found that combining the use of direct mail with other forms of advertisement can result in an extremely successful marketing campaign.

In Chapter 11 of the book, “The Marketing Plan: How to Prepare and Implement It,” William Luther gives an example of a marketing strategy used by Bose Corporation to illustrate the usefulness of direct mail. According to Luther, Bose uses many different forms of media to market their radios and CD players. When doing so, they also ask the customer to contact them. “Once a person responds, they use direct mail to close the sale. They test and retest mailings to ensure each piece is getting the highest, most targeted response. One variable is isolated in each mailing to see if it improves response. They conduct phone interviews with mail recipients to find out which messages are most meaningful. Bose then uses that information to modify their ads, commercials, and future mailings.

By mailing out a postcard, card mailer, invoice printing, or statement printing, you can increase your chances of getting a response from a customer. Regardless of the other methods of marketing you are currently using, a direct mail piece will be a great addition to your marketing program.