If your direct mail marketing campaign isn’t pulling as many leads as you had hoped, you might not be sending your direct mail piece enough times to make an impact. In order for a direct mail marketing campaign to be successful, you need to constantly remind your customers about the products and services you can provide for them.

In the blog entitled, Use Direct Mail to Drive New Business, Wendy Maynard gives some tips on running an effective direct mail marketing campaign. According to Maynard, if you want to gain people’s attention and convince them to act on your offer, you need to send your direct mail piece multiple times. She says that “Sending out just one direct-mail piece is a waste of time and money. Most studies agree that it takes at least six exposures to direct mail for a recipient to take action. This means you must plan your campaign in advance to have several cards or letters that are sent out every four or six weeks.”

By sending a direct mail piece several times, you have a much better chance of creating leads and increasing sales. Although more mailings mean spending more money, the results will definitely make up for the difference.