When partnering with a fulfillment and direct mail service or an online statement printing service in an attempt to market your product or service to the public, you need to be sure that the method you are using to gain your recipients’ attention isn’t a “cheap trick.” Although such gimmicks may have worked in the past, today, you need more to convince someone to act on your offer.

In the blog, “Is Your Tactic Remarkable, or Just a Gimmick?” on the Remarkable Communication website, the author explains the difference between an attention-grabbing tactic and a cheap trick in the world of marketing. According to the author “If marketing sin #1 is “don’t be boring” (I’d probably put it at #2 or #3, but it’s right up there), then a boring gimmick must be the greatest sin of all. Cheap tricks need to be interesting or they’re just cheap.”

If you’re going to use a gimmick to get the attention of your direct mail recipients, the author says that it needs to be “relevant, useful, and interesting.” If it’s not, you’re just wasting your marketing dollars.