Direct mail marketing campaigns and online statement printing services are both great ways to find new customers and keep the ones you already have. In order for a direct mail campaign to be successful, you need a mailing list that fits your business and product or service.

In a blog entitled, “60+ Unique Ideas for Marketing Your Business Offline & Locally” on the Freelance Design Business website, the author says that direct mail campaigns can be a cost effective way to market your business. In the blog, the author tells businesses to “Create a mailing list yourself by looking in the phonebook, using an online directory, The Chamber of Commerce, The Better Business Bureau, or by contacting trade associations. Or you can purchase a mailing list from many online sites. A well designed and written direct mail can help your business brand awareness and even result in many new customers.”

Direct mail marketing programs are an effective way to market yourself, and compiling your own mailing list is a great way to save money in the process. Regardless of the company, if you come up with a good mailing list, direct mail could work for you.