During the holidays, gift cards are everywhere. They are being used as stocking stuffers, as last minute presents or even just presents for someone you have no idea what else to get them. The reason why gift cards have gotten so popular is that they represent cold hard cash. Instead of a new tie or sweater that you would never be caught dead in, you are given the chance to go to the store and personally pick out the present of your choice.

Since gift cards have gotten so popular, it makes sense that they are replacing postcards in the world of direct mail marketing. Instead of sending a piece of paper that usually gets thrown away before anyone even looks at it, businesses are sending card mailers. Because of their size and shape, card mailers remind the recipient of credit cards and gift cards, which then tend to represent free money. Now who is going to throw away something that could possibly have a dollar value?

Regardless of the type of product or service you offer, a direct mail marketing program where card mailers are sent to your past and present customers is a great way to get noticed over the holidays. This time of year, if it looks and feels like a gift card, you can pretty much bet it’s going to end up in a wallet.