People usually focus on postcards and card mailers when talking about direct mail marketing programs, but a brochure might be the right direct mail piece for you and your company.

Brochures allow you to give customers a great deal of information in just one single mailing. You can include photographs, testimonials, and background about your company.

In a blog entitled, “7 Ways To Improve The Effectiveness Of Your Brochure,” Lynne explains how to create a successful brochure. Try the following tips and see how they work for you.

  • Write a headline that makes an offer that cannot be refused.
  • Make sure to lists the benefits of the product.
  • Use bullets for presenting lists.
  • Educate customers on your product or service.
  • Include customer testimonials or case studies.
  • Include a photograph of both the product and yourself.
  • Encourage readers to take the next step with a clear call to action.