Is it Time to Try a Trifold Mailer?

Last week we discussed the benefits of our Jumbo Plastic Postcards.  In case you missed it, our Jumbo Plastic Postcards provide more real estate to feature your pictures and special offers. 

This week we’d like to introduce yet another option.  Triadex Card Mailers’ Trifold Mailer is cheaper than the Jumbo Plastic […]

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Jumbo Plastic Postcards – Are They Right for You?

Are you looking for a way to call even more attention to your special offer?  Jumbo Plastic Postcards are oversized postcards that are larger than our standard plastic postcards (8.5” x 5.5” vs. 4.25” X 5.652). 

According to the 2015 DMA Statistical Fact Book, households receive an average of 19.1 […]

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The True Cost of Paper Postcards

Yes, it’s true.  Paper postcards are cheaper than plastic postcards.  But at what cost?

Here at Triadex Card Mailers, we can print and mail pretty much anything, and that includes paper postcards.  While you may love the low cost of paper postcards, for the USPS they can mean machine jams and damage […]

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How to Cut your Postage & Production Costs in Half

What’s even better than getting a unique and proven direct mail piece for a great price?  Cutting that cost in half!  Yes, you read that correctly.  With Triadex Card Mailers’ co-branded plastic postcards you can do just that.

Co-branded (or dual-branded) plastic card mailers are a great option for many different […]

HVAC Plastic Postcards

This may sound dramatic, but a broken air conditioner is one of the worst things that can happen to you in the summer.  If you’ve been there, you know what I mean.  You’re uncomfortable in your own home and you can forget about getting a good night’s sleep.

The average lifespan for an […]

The Perfect “Hook” for Your Next Direct Mail Piece

According to the 2015 DMA Statistical Fact Book, households receive an average of 19.1 mail pieces per week.  Although three quarters of direct mail is opened by the recipients, according to a Direct Mail Information Service report, only 63% read the contents.

So here’s the question for the day: how do […]

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We Do More Than Plastic Postcards!

While we are widely known for plastic postcards, and have earned a reputation in the industry for innovative new ways of applying that technology, that is not all we do.  We offer you so much more! 

Along with plastic card mailers, we are your one-stop shop for plastic gift cards […]

National Pet Supply Store Increases Sales with Plastic Postcards

A national pet supplies store with over 250 locations wanted to draw in more business and increase sales.

Using our 1 detachable card template, they mailed 5,000 plastic postcards to pet owners around one of their locations. The card offered 20% off an entire purchase.


The owner was extremely pleased with the response.

Why You Should Convert Your Facebook Followers to Offline Marketing

I love Facebook followers.  After you earn a Facebook follower you can very easily market to them for free on Facebook.  Free is always great, however, according to the 2015 DMA Response Rate Report, the response rate of direct mail outperforms all digital channels. 

In the article “Migrate Facebook Followers Now […]

Plastic Gift Cards Receive 35% More Redemptions than Paper Postcards

After five mailings with Triadex Card Mailers, a national restaurant chain with 38 locations performed an A/B Test on plastic gift cards versus paper postcards.

Five locations were selected to offer the paper postcards and a total of 110,429 were mailed. Five locations were selected to offer the plastic gift cards and a total of […]

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