Whether you’re a reseller or advertising agency, Triadex Card Mailers is a partner you can trust. We honor the Agency-Client relationship. We have worked for some of the top agencies in the country for years, as well as mid-sized and even solo advertising firms. We treat others the way we want to be treated. It sounds simplistic, perhaps naïve. But, it has worked. If we take care of the customer, and in this case, the customer includes the agency, then it will all work out…for everyone.

As a trusted partner, we have been providing turnkey plastic postcard direct mail services to agencies for well over ten years…with remarkable results.

We provide marketing analysis, reports, data, lists, and recommendations for you, as the agency, to parlay into a deeper relationship with your clients. We understand there are other facets to a client’s marketing efforts, so we don’t expect every program to be a laminated card mailer. That said, we want to provide you with the data and recommendations to ensure YOUR CLIENT has all the information available to make the best decision to increase revenues at the best ROI possible.

Take advantage of our knowledge, experience, and proven process that we have perfected after mailing nearly 100 million cards for all kinds of industries.

Triadex Card Mailers is fully dedicated to helping you and your customers succeed. Contact us today at 877-TRIADEX (874-2339) for a free media kit and with any additional questions.